Inject Success By What You Expect

Our expectations have a greater impact on the success we experience in our everyday lives than we often give them credit for. What you are anticipating to happen in your life, whether it be good or bad can significantly influence what you actually experience. It is easy to put expectation into the same category as pipe dreams or mental hype, however I believe that what you are expecting to occur, the circumstances you rehearse in your mind about your future and what you ready yourself for even unconsciously, can render powerful results in your daily life.

So what makes what you are expecting so important?

What you expect even if it is not vocalized, creates an atmosphere around you that works either for you or against you. Many self fulfilling prophecies are born out of the expectations we cultivate and then proceed to live out in our attitudes, speech and actions. How many times do we preempt people's reactions to us and actually create the environment for our expectations to spring to life? Have you ever expected someone you work with not to like you and then, bit by bit, seen the dislike you are believing for surface in your interactions with them? Expectations can act like an unspoken communication between us and the people around us and really can work to build or destroy opportunities for our success. Once we recognize the very real correlation between what we expect and what we get, then we can be empowered to start changing the level of success we are securing in every area of our lives.

Another important area our expectations yield considerable influence over in our everyday lives are our aspirations for the future. What you are expecting to see in your tomorrow can work to broaden or limit your vision for what is ahead of you and can be the determining factor in whether you will seize the opportunities you get to live out your dreams. Whether it's your personal or professional goals, what you expect you are capable of and what you are believing to accomplish in the future can dictate your rate of progress and level of achievement in your today.

Charge your expectations for success

Expectations operate a lot like batteries. They have the capacity to inject power into your daily life but if you do not charge them by anticipating greater results, they will not function at their optimal capacity. Here are some ways you can start to fuel your expectations today so you can set yourself up for a better tomorrow:

1) Expect more

Be intentional to expect more and dream bigger than you have before. This will require you to shake off the little you have experienced in the past and refuse to be limited by what you have already lived through. When you push the boundaries of what you have navigated previously, you open yourself up to greater opportunities, better outcomes and ultimately more success. So be deliberate to enlarge your expectations for your career, relationships and future and see how doing this makes room for an increase in the success you are currently experiencing.

And in case you were wondering ... you cannot expect too much! There is no need to minimize the dreams or the level of success you are anticipating to attain in your lifetime. What you are expecting doesn't have to sound doable or even possible for you to begin exercising your expectation for it. Have the attitude that you would rather reach for the stars and touch the sky, then spend your entire life earthbound. When you do, you will see your expectations begin to yield better results and the better and best you are believing for will reach the level necessary to tap into your true potential.

2) Don't give up on what you are expecting prematurely

When you are being proactive to increase the scope of your expectations for your life, one of the biggest temptations is to abort mission before they become a reality. Holding fast and staying the course to believe you will see what it is that you are expecting, is the key to ensuring you will reap the benefits only high expectations can give you. In fact, such benefits often only come to those who successfully navigate the sometimes rough terrain of patience and perseverance. Remaining expectant for better days when the circumstances you are encountering on a daily basis are less than best, can be a stumbling block if you allow them to be. That is why it is so important to decide ahead of time no matter what your circumstances look like or what your feelings are telling you, you will not give up on expecting your next win in life, promotion at work or emotional breakthrough is just around the corner. Once you have done this, you have just positioned yourself to step into the best that is yet to show up in your world.

Expect the best for what is next

Whatever awaits you in the future, step into tomorrow with expectations loaded with anticipation and possibility. Remember, you can inject more success into what you are seeing manifest in your everyday life by using your expectations to direct your attention, ground your hope for the future and fortify your resolve to not settle for where you have been or where you are right now.

Ultimately, when you expect great things, you make room for greater realities to take over your world. So don't allow low expectations to rob you of the inspiration you need to reach beyond where you're at and into where you are destined to be.

Expecting great things for you,


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