Happy Proofing Your Life

It is possible to build more happy into your everyday when you are deliberate to create room in your world for more joy, celebration and enjoyment. You really can make space in your day to day life where your satisfaction, joy and contentment are elevated - without the assistance of those warm and fuzzy feelings we often associate with happiness. I believe you can embrace happiness as an attitude to be located and enjoyed in your everyday and not an emotion you need to wait on to surface until you experience it. You don't have to postpone or put on hold your happiness until the right circumstances, feelings or conditions present themselves. You have the power to incorporate strategy and wisdom into your world that will make sourcing your happy in your life something you consistently tap into and not something you only entertain in your daydreams.

What kind of happy?

The kind of happy I practice and advocate is a happiness that is cultivated independent of circumstance and the type that goes well beyond the realm of the emotions. It's not a happy that is based on securing a supernatural high or a superficial smiley disposition. Nor is it a happiness dependent on all things going your way and being in your favor. The type of happy that can become a consistent reality in your life is one that is reinforced by a mindset that is intentional to create and locate the celebration, satisfaction and joy available in your everyday. You can discover sources of enjoyment that are hidden in the daily grind or seemingly mundane day to day life and that's the kind of happy I want to empower you to start embracing.

How do I build more happy?

By being intentional to put in place strategies that will happy proof your life, you can dramatically impact the amount of happiness you are enjoying on a daily basis. As you are diligent to integrate key approaches into your everyday game plan, you will begin to see happiness as a permanent fixture in the landscape of your relationships, emotions and attitudes.

1. Take responsibility for your own happiness

When you take control of not only getting your happy on but keeping it on, you will begin to increase your access to happiness. So many people do not experience the enjoyment that is available to them because they are waiting for someone else to deliver it to them. Sometimes we can want everyone else to take responsibility for how we are feeling, when in reality it is up to us to cultivate and seek out happiness for ourselves. It is not your boss's job, your friends job or even your partner's job to make you happy. You have the power to elevate your happiness levels by making it your business to inject the enjoyment that is missing in your life. Your potential for optimal happiness is exactly that - yours. Therefore, any decision on your behalf to actively address and personally overhaul the happiness deficits that are observable in your life, is one step closer to happy.

2. Hang out with happy

Who you keep company with greatly influences the level of happiness you experience. Being intentional to limit the time you spend with people who are negative is a key strategy that will drastically improve your happiness prospects. If you are entertaining people who subscribe to a defeatist and gloomy life philosophy, then you need to establish boundaries that will keep your attitude, perspective and daily approach from being hijacked by them if you are going to locate and keep your happy. Lean in to relationships that are positive, the ones that add encouragement and hope to your life and actively step back from those that only produce misery and negativity. The friendships and the conversations you engage in on a regular basis do have the capacity to create an atmosphere in your life conducive to happiness or they can work to keep happiness beyond your reach. What you consistently allow to go on around you is what will ultimately get on you, so be deliberate to make happy the only thing you pick up from those closest to you.

3. Resist Self Pity

Self pity is one of the most costly attitudes we can carry when it comes to happiness. Feeling sorry for yourself is a habit that can quickly drain you of your enjoyment in life. It really is a major stumbling block to cultivating a lifestyle of happiness that must be resisted in order to be overcome. When you decide that you are no longer going to allow what hasn't gone your way, who didn't treat you right or how many bad breaks you have suffered to take centre stage in your life, you position yourself for happy to come into full view. The temptation to remain self focused is always going to be there, but the sooner you realize self pity is a dead end, the sooner you will gain access to the freeway that leads to happiness.

4. Cancel the Rehearsal for your Loss

Going over and over what you have suffered, lost or the difficulties you have been through in the past, can obscure your vision for a happier future. The truth is that sometimes, you can lose more in the rehearsal of the battles you have been through, than what you lost in the battles themselves. That's why making a concerted effort to not linger long in the area of loss is such an effective way to increase your access to happy. Of course you have to acknowledge and process any loss you encounter in life. However, resolving to go through any losses you incur in life instead of setting up camp in them, means your happiness will cease to be held hostage to the unfavorable circumstances or setbacks you navigate. When you choose not to rehearse the hardships you have suffered, you can refocus your attention to what is going right and what you do have showing up in your life that is worth celebrating. Not only will this help you build more happy into your world, but it will also create the kind of mindset that will fortify you against any discouragement caused by any future losses you may encounter.

You do have the power to access more happy in your everyday by putting in place these simple strategies that will make happy your new normal. Don't settle for less than a life that is full of celebration, joy and most of all happy. Because when you get your happy on, you truly can go beyond enduring life and actually start enjoying it.

Every happiness,


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