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The Power of

Grace and Professional Development


Jessica-Grace is passionate about empowering businesses to enlarge their professional capacity by investing in the personal development of their staff. With a special focus on developing strong leadership, cultivating healthy staff culture and inspiring excellence, Jessica-Grace Motivational Sessions provide businesses with continuing professional development that will translate professional aspirations into tangible realities. All sessions are tailored to the needs of individual businesses and 

are full of practical wisdom that will inspire new levels of success in team building, staff relations and product and service delivery.

Wrapped and Ready For Success

In this motivational session your staff will learn:

  • How to value and recognize their inherent worth

  • The signs that they are undervaluing themselves, their skills or their work

  • The real connection between their self-perception and how their professional worth is perceived by others 

  • Practical strategies on how to add personal and professional value

Lead and Suceed

In this motivational session your staff will learn:

  • Personal leadership traits that set them up to succeed

  • How to be proactive in taking the lead when it comes to personal aspirations, professional goals and future

  • What attitudes will empower their personal leadership and the people who lead them

  • How to navigate challenges to success such as stress and everyday pressures

Excellence Is Your Entrance

In this motivational session your staff will learn:

  • The importance of developing a personal culture of excellence

  • The role of excellence in gaining the respect of those they work with

  • Habits that produce excellence and make excelling the norm

  • Practical strategies on how to cultivate excellence in their relationships and at your workplace

Make Thankfulness Your Weapon of Choice

To book Jessica-Grace for an upcoming event, motivational session or speaking engagement email:

In this motivational session your staff will learn:

  • The effectiveness of thankfulness as a weapon to overcome discouragement and difficulty in the workplace

  • The importance of maintaining a grateful attitude in the midst of work-related stress and personal battles

  • The role of decision when it comes to what attitude or emotion to adopt when challenging circumstances show up

  • Practical strategies on how to their attitudes from being dominated by setbacks

Jessica-Grace Event Calendar

Check out Jessica-Grace talking about the motivation behind her Take Back Your Life breakfast event:

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