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The Power of Grace

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Beware of the Life Thief

Isn't it time you were free from other people's obligations? Before you can enjoy your life, the crippling overload and stress that comes with taking on other people's responsibilities must be eliminated. Discover how to draw the line between what you need to address daily and what you need to leave for others so you can guard against being robbed of your time, resources and energy.

Beware of the Life Thief Excerpt (C) - Jessica-Grace
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When Life Demands Confrontation

Do you find yourself dancing around issues instead of dealing with them? It's time to get outside your comfort zone and confront those things that are keeping you from enjoying your life. Be empowered to confront unresolved issues and deal with the stress triggers in your world, so you can move beyond them and leave the mess they create behind you.


Wrapped and Ready For Success

Are you valuing yourself in your everyday life? Your perception of your worth affects your confidence and motivation, influences your health and lifestyle decisions and has a great impact on the success you experience daily. Be empowered to recognize your inherent worth and break free from diminishing your value in your own eyes and the eyes of others by building more worth into your world today.


Take Back Your Life

Want to stop being a passenger in your own life? It’s time to recover your control over your decisions, dreams and destiny. Learn how to occupy the drivers’ seat in your world and be empowered to stop being driven by what’s going on around you and start setting the course for your everyday life.


Make Thankfulness Your Weapon of Choice

Are you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by what you are facing in life? Being thankful when you encounter difficulty is a powerful weapon you have to win the war against feelings of despair, negativity and despondency. Learn how to adopt a thankful attitude in the face of discouragement and refuse to let your attitude be dominated by your setbacks.


Lead and Succeed

Are you succeeding in what it is that you are leading? Whether you are leading your staff, your family or even yourself, your approach to leadership can either elevate you and those who follow or sink you into a sea of ongoing frustration and ineffectiveness. Discover the key strategies you need to build into your leadership style so you can accomplish the success you were appointed,



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